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My characters are unapologetically:





native american




Writing diversity means creating fictional characters that reflect the real world we live in.



Who We Are

Writers for Diversity is first and foremost a community of writers who share the common purpose to create diverse worlds and characters through education and awareness. We provide a unique, safe place to ask questions and engage in thoughtful and respectful dialogue covering all aspects of diversity and inclusion. Our community welcomes writers from all backgrounds, skill levels, and genres. 

Our Values
  • We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive group for all members. 

  • We believe that diversity is for everyone and we view diversity as including people from different races, cultures, religions, abilities, sexual orientation or identity.

  • We believe respectful dialogue and thoughtful questions lead to better education and growth. 

  • We are committed to positive and compassionate conflict resolution.

  • We believe the creative process requires space for personal growth. All members of Writers for Diversity are expected to treat one another with respect, empathy, and inclusion. We recognize that discussions about diversity can be sensitive. Members are asked to understand that we are not perfect in this work and as with any new skill it can take some time and practice to become comfortable asking tough questions.   

  • We value writers from all genres. We expect members of our community to be respectful of the genre members choose to write in. 

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